Fitness 360 Spa

Fit3D Scanner

Fit3D ScannerMakes an accurate 3D avatar of your body helping track body composition, circumference measurements, compare multiple scan overlays, generate a health score, see alignment in poster and balance, get you Basil metabolic rate, and more.

HydroMassage Bed

Hydro MessageHydroMassage is the best massage bed on the market featuring a large touch screen monitor, computer games, travel videos, music, and more. With the recent surge in high-intensity interval training use the HydroMassage as an part of your active recovery.

Luxura Stand Up Tanning Bed

Luxura Tanning BedLuxura is a premium tanning bed with 48 XL lamps for a 9 min tanning session. Features touch screen controls, large cooling fan, aux jack for music, and attached private changing room. Experience the sheer excellence that is the Luxura V6 stand up tanning bed.

Titan Cryo Chamber

Fit3D ScannerTitan is the safest cryo on the market. Chamber brings temperatures as low as -250 deg accelerating the bodies natural recovery. Helps reduce inflammation, an increased cellular survival rate, and reduces pain. Used by most professional athletes.

Above amenities are included in our ONYX MEMBERSHIP aside from our Cryo Chamber. For more information please contact us.